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具有 PWM 的数字音频 SoC

具有 PWM 的数字音频 SoC - TAS3308

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The TAS3308 is a highly-integrated audio system-on-chip (SOC) consisting of a fully-programmable 48-bit digital audio processor, 10:1 stereo analog input MUX, stereo ADC, six PWM output channels, and other analog functionality. The TAS3308 is programmable with the graphical PurePath Studio™ and suite of DSP code development software. PurePath Studio is a highly intuitive, drag-and-drop development environment that minimizes software development effort while allowing the end user to utilize the power and flexibility of the TAS3308's digital audio processing core.

TAS3308 processing capability includes speaker equalization and cross over, volume/bass/treble control, signal mixing/MUXing/splitting, delay compensation, dynamic range compression, and many other basic audio functions. Audio functions such as matrix decoding, stereo widening, surround sound virtualization and psychoacoustic bass boost are also available with either third-party or TI royalty-free algorithms.

The TAS3308 contains a custom-designed, fully-programmable 135-MHz, 48-bit digital audio processor. A 76-bit accumulator ensures that the high precision necessary for quality digital audio is maintained during arithmetic operations.

A stereo 100-dB DNR ADC and six 105-dB DNR PWM output channels ensure that high quality audio is maintained through the whole signal chain. The PWM outputs utilize TI's PurePath Digital PWM technology and seamlessly interface with TI's extensive line of PWM input class D audio amplifiers.


  • Digital Audio Processor
    • Fully Programmable With the Graphical, Drag-and-Drop
      PurePath Studio™ Software Development Environment
    • 135-MHz Operation 48-Bit Data Path With 76-Bit Accumulator
    • Hardware Single-Cycle Multiplier (28 × 48)
    • Five Simultaneous Operations Per Clock Cycle
    • Usable 1k Data RAM Words (48 Bit), Usable 1k Coefficient RAM (28 Bit)
    • Usable 2.8k Program RAM
    • 360 ms at 48 kHz, 17k Words 24-Bit Delay Memory
    • Slave Mode Fs is 32.44.1 and 48 kHz With Auto Sample Rate Detection
    • Master Mode Fs is 48 kHz
  • Analog Audio Input/Output
    • 10:1 Stereo Analog Input MUX
    • Stereo Analog Pass-Through Channel
    • Stereo, Single-Ended ADC
      (100 dB DNR Typical)
    • Six Differential PWM Outputs
      (105 dB DNR Typical)
    • PurePath™ Digital Technology Minimizes Pop/Click
    • Fourth Order Chaotic Noise Shaper With Non-Linear Correction
  • Digital Audio Input/Output
    • Three Synchronous Serial Audio Inputs (Six Channels)
    • Two Synchronous Serial Audio Outputs (Four Channels)
    • Input and Output Data Formats: 16-, 20-, or 24-Bit Data Left, Right,
      and I2S
    • S/PDIF Transmitter
  • System Control Processor
    • Embedded 8051 WARP Microprocessor
    • Programmable Using Standard 8051 C Compilers
    • Four Programmable GPIO pins
  • General Features
    • Two I2C Ports for Slave or Master Download
    • Single 3.3-V Power Supply
    • Integrated Regulators
    • Flat-Screen Televisions
    • MP3 Player/Music Phone Docks
    • Speaker Bars
    • Mini/Micro-Component Systems
    • Automotive Head Units
    • Musical Instruments


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