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带引擎控制和电荷泵的九通道 I2C RGB LED 驱动器


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LP5569 PSpice Transient Model PSpice Model ZIP 2017年 9月 5日

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带引擎控制和电荷泵评估模块的 LP5569 九通道 I2C RGB LED 驱动器 BOOST-LP5569EVM 评估模块和开发板


具有接近传感和 LED 动画效果的电容式触控用户界面参考设计

The TIDA-01559 is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) reference design that uses the MSP430FR2522 MCU and LP5569 device, and can achieve extremely low standby power consumption and offload the resources of the MCU with LED engine control. This solution can be used anywhere a low-power consuming HMI with (...)


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LP5569EVM GUI  (ZIP 33317 KB )    2017年 7月 18日    (英文內容)