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此产品已上市,且可供购买。 可提供某些产品的较新替代品。
低电压 (1.24V) 可调节精密并联稳压器

低电压 (1.24V) 可调节精密并联稳压器 - LMV431A


The LMV431, LMV431A and LMV431B are precision 1.24 V shunt regulators capable of adjustment to 30 V. Negative feedback from the cathode to the adjust pin controls the cathode voltage, much like a non-inverting op amp configuration (Refer to Symbol and Functional Diagrams). A two-resistor voltage divider terminated at the adjust pin controls the gain of a 1.24 V band-gap reference. Shorting the cathode to the adjust pin (voltage follower) provides a cathode voltage of a 1.24 V.

The LMV431, LMV431A and LMV431B have respective initial tolerances of 1.5%, 1%, and 0.5%, and functionally lend themselves to several applications that require zener diode type performance at low voltages. Applications include a 3 V to 2.7 V low drop-out regulator, an error amplifier in a 3 V off-line switching regulator and even as a voltage detector. These parts are typically stable with capacitive loads greater than 10 nF and less than 50 pF.

The LMV431, LMV431A and LMV431B provide performance at a competitive price.


  • Low-Voltage Operation/Wide Adjust Range
    (1.24 V/30 V)
  • 0.5% Initial Tolerance (LMV431B)
  • Temperature Compensated for Industrial
    Temperature Range (39 PPM/°C for
    the LMV431AI)
  • Low Operation Current (55 µA)
  • Low Output Impedance (0.25 Ω)
  • Fast Turn-On Response
  • Low Cost


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Part number 立即下单 Reference voltage VO (V) VO adj (Min) (V) VO adj (Max) (V) Initial accuracy (Max) (%) Temp coeff (Max) (ppm/ degree C) Rating Operating temperature range (C) Iz for regulation (Min) (uA) Iout/Iz (Max) (mA) Package Group Iref (uA) I I(dev) (uA)
LMV431A 立即下单 Adjustable     1.24     1.24     30     1     129
Catalog     -40 to 85
0 to 70    
80     15     SOT-23 | 3
SOT-23 | 5
TO-92 | 3    
0.5     0.4