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LMH6702-MIL (正在供货)

1.7GHz 超低失真、宽带运算放大器

1.7GHz 超低失真、宽带运算放大器 - LMH6702-MIL

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The LMH6702-MIL is a very wideband, DC-coupled monolithic operational amplifier designed specifically for wide dynamic range systems requiring exceptional signal fidelity. Benefitting from current feedback architecture, the LMH6702-MIL offers unity gain stability at exceptional speed without need for external compensation.

With its 720-MHz bandwidth (AV = 2 V/V, VO = 2 VPP), 10-bit distortion levels through 60-MHz (RL = 100 Ω), 1.83-nV/√Hz input referred noise and 12.5-mA supply current, the LMH6702-MIL is the ideal driver or buffer for high-speed flash A-D and D-A converters.

Wide dynamic range systems such as radar and communication receivers that require a wideband amplifier offering exceptional signal purity will find the low input referred noise and low harmonic and intermodulation distortion of the LMH6702-MIL an attractive high speed solution.

The LMH6702-MIL is constructed using VIP10™ complimentary bipolar process and proven current feedback architecture. The LMH6702-MIL is available in SOIC and SOT-23 packages.


  • VS = ±5 V, TA = 25°C, AV = 2V/V, RL = 100 Ω, VOUT = 2 VPP, Typical Unless Noted:
  • 2nd and 3rd Harmonics (5 MHz, SOT-23) −100/−96 dBc
  • −3-dB Bandwidth (VOUT = 0.5 VPP) 1.7 GHz
  • Low Noise 1.83 nV/√Hz
  • Fast Settling to 0.1% 13.4 ns
  • Fast Slew Rate 3100 V/µs
  • Supply Current 12.5 mA
  • Output Current 80 mA
  • Low Intermodulation Distortion (75 MHz) −67 dBc
  • Improved Replacement for CLC409 and CLC449

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