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LMH6639-MIL (正在供货)

具有禁能功能的 190MHz 轨至轨输出放大器

具有禁能功能的 190MHz 轨至轨输出放大器 - LMH6639-MIL

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The LMH6639 is a voltage feedback operational amplifier with a rail-to-rail output drive capability of 110mA. Employing TI’s patented VIP10 process, the LMH6639 delivers a bandwidth of 190MHz at a current consumption of only 3.6mA. An input common mode voltage range extending to 0.2V below the V and to within 1V of V+, makes the LMH6639 a true single supply op-amp. The output voltage range extends to within 30mV of either supply rail providing the user with a dynamic range that is especially desirable in low voltage applications.

The LMH6639 offers a slew rate of 172V/μs resulting in a full power bandwidth of approximately 28MHz. The LMH6639 also offers protection for the input transistors by using two anti-parallel diodes and a series resistor connected across the inputs. The TON value of 83nsec combined with a settling time of 33nsec makes this device ideally suited for multiplexing applications (see application note for details). Careful attention has been paid to ensure device stability under all operating voltages and modes. The result is a very well behaved frequency response characteristic for any gain setting including +1, and excellent specifications for driving video cables including harmonic distortion of −60dBc, differential gain of 0.12% and differential phase of 0.045°


  • (VS = 5V, Typical Values Unless Specified)
  • Supply Current (No Load) 3.6mA
  • Supply Current (Off Mode) 400μA
  • Output Resistance (Closed Loop 1MHz) 0.186Ω
  • −3dB BW (AV = 1) 190MHz
  • Settling Time 33nsec
  • Input Common Mode Voltage −0.2V to 4V
  • Output Voltage Swing 40mV from Rails
  • Linear Output Current 110mA
  • Total Harmonic Distortion −60dBc
  • Fully Characterized for 3V, 5V and ±5V
  • No Output Phase Reversal with CMVR Exceeded
  • Excellent Overdrive Recovery
  • Off Isolation 1MHz −70dB
  • Differential Gain 0.12%
  • Differential Phase 0.045°

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