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LMH6624-MIL (正在供货)


单/双路超低噪声宽带运算放大器 - LMH6624-MIL

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The LMH6624-MIL device offers wide bandwidth (1.5 GHz) with very-low-input noise (0.92 nV/√Hz, 2.3 pA/√Hz) and ultra-low DC errors (100-µV VOS, ±0.1-µV/°C drift) providing very precise operational amplifiers with wide dynamic range. This enables the user to achieve closed-loop gains of greater than 10, in both inverting and non-inverting configurations.

The LMH6624-MIL traditional voltage feedback topology provides the following benefits: balanced inputs, low-offset voltage and offset current, very-low-offset drift, 81-dB open loop gain, 95-dB common-mode rejection ratio, and 88-dB power supply rejection ratio.

The LMH6624-MIL device operates from 5 V to 12 V and is offered in SOT-23-5 and SOIC-8 packages.


  • VS = ±6 V, TA = 25°C, AV = 20 (Typical Values Unless Specified)
  • Gain Bandwidth 1.5 GHz
  • Input Voltage Noise 0.92 nV/√Hz
  • Input Offset Voltage (Limit Over Temp) 700 µV
  • Slew Rate 350 V/µs
  • Slew Rate (AV = 10) 400 V/µs
  • HD2 at f = 10 MHz, RL = 100 Ω –63 dBc
  • HD3 at f = 10 MHz, RL = 100 Ω –80 dBc
  • Supply Voltage Range 5 V to 12 V
  • Improved Replacement for the CLC425
  • Stable for Closed Loop |AV| ≥ 10

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