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LMC6462-MIL (正在供货)

双路微功耗、轨至轨输入和输出 CMOS 运算放大器

双路微功耗、轨至轨输入和输出 CMOS 运算放大器 - LMC6462-MIL

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This data sheet applies to both  LMC6462 and  LMC6462-MIL


The LMC6462/4 is a micropower version of the popular LMC6482/4, combining Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Range with very low power consumption.

The LMC6462/4 provides an input common-mode voltage range that exceeds both rails. The rail-to-rail output swing of the amplifier, ensured for loads down to 25 kΩ, assures maximum dynamic signal range. This rail-to-rail performance of the amplifier, combined with its high voltage gain makes it unique among rail-to-rail amplifiers. The LMC6462/4 is an excellent upgrade for circuits using limited common-mode range amplifiers.

The LMC6462/4, with ensured specifications at 3V and 5V, is especially well-suited for low voltage applications. A quiescent power consumption of 60 μW per amplifier (at VS = 3V) can extend the useful life of battery operated systems. The amplifier's 150 fA input current, low offset voltage of 0.25 mV, and 85 dB CMRR maintain accuracy in battery-powered systems.


  • (Typical Unless Otherwise Noted)
  • Ultra Low Supply Current  20 μA/Amplifier
  • Ensured Characteristics at 3V and 5V
  • Rail-to-Rail Input Common-Mode Voltage Range
  • Rail-to-Rail Output Swing
    • (within 10 mV of rail, VS = 5V and RL = 25 kΩ)
  • Low Input Current 150 fA
  • Low Input Offset Voltage 0.25 mV

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