LMC568 (限期购买)


低功耗锁相环 - LMC568


The LMC568 is an amplitude-linear phase-locked loop consisting of a linear VCO, fully balanced phase detectors, and a carrier detect output. LMCMOS technology is employed for high performance with low power consumption.

The VCO has a linearized control range of ±30% to allow demodulation of FM and FSK signals. Carrier detect is indicated when the PLL is locked to an input signal greater than 26 mVrms. LMC568 applications include FM SCA and TV second audio program decoders, FSK data demodulators, and voice pagers.


  • Demodulates ±15% Deviation FM/FSK Signals
  • Carrier Detect Output with Hysteresis
  • Operation to 500 kHz Input Frequency
  • Low THD—0.5% Typ. for ±10% Deviation
  • 2V to 9V Supply Voltage Range
  • Low Supply Current Drain

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