LM96163 具有集成风扇控制和 TruTherm BJT 晶体管 Beta 补偿技术的远程二极管数字温度传感器 | 德州仪器 TI.com.cn

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具有集成风扇控制和 TruTherm BJT 晶体管 Beta 补偿技术的远程二极管数字温度传感器

具有集成风扇控制和 TruTherm BJT 晶体管 Beta 补偿技术的远程二极管数字温度传感器 - LM96163


The LM96163 has remote and local temperature sensors with integrated fan control that includes TruTherm BJT transistor beta compensation technology for remote diode sensing. The LM96163 accurately measures: (1) its own temperature and (2) the temperature of a diode-connected transistor, such as a 2N3904, or a thermal diode commonly found on Computer Processors, Graphics Processor Units (GPU) and other ASIC's. The LM96163 has an offset register to correct for errors caused by different non-ideality factors of other thermal diodes.

The LM96163 also features an integrated, pulse-width-modulated (PWM), open-drain fan control output. Fan speed depends on a combination of the remote temperature reading, the lookup table and register settings. The 12-step Lookup Table (LUT) enables the user to program a non-linear fan speed vs. temperature transfer function often used to quiet acoustic fan noise. In addition a fully programmable ramping function has been added to allow smooth transitions between LUT setpoints.


  • TruTherm BJT Beta Compensation Technology Supports 45nm, 65nm and 90nm Processor Remote Diodes
  • Factory Trimmed for Intel® 45 nm Processor Thermal Diodes
  • Accurately Senses Diode-Connected 2N3904 Transistors or Thermal Diodes On-board Large Processors or ASIC's
  • Accurately Senses its Own Temperature
  • Integrated PWM Fan Speed Control Output Supports High Resolution at 22.5kHz Frequency for 4-pin Fans
  • Acoustic Fan Noise Reduction with User-Programmable 12-Step Lookup Table
  • LUT Transition Fine Resolution Smoothing Function
  • Tachometer Input for Measuring Fan RPM
  • Smart-Tach Modes for Measuring RPM of Fans with Pulse-Width-Modulated Power as Shown in Typical Application
  • ALERT Output for Processor Event Notification
  • TCRIT Output for Critical Temperature System Shutdown
  • Offset Register Can Adjust for a Variety of Thermal Diodes
  • 10-Bit Plus Sign and 11-Bit Unsigned Formats, with 1/8°C Resolution
  • Extended Resolution to 1/32°C when Digital Filter Enabled
  • Resolves Remote Diode Temperatures up to 255.875°C
  • SMBus 2.0 Compatible Interface, with TIMEOUT and ARA
  • 10-Pin SON Package

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