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双路音频功率放大器 - LM1877


The LM1877 is a monolithic dual power amplifier designed to deliver 2W/channel continuous into 8Ω loads. The LM1877 is designed to operate with a low number of external components, and still provide flexibility for use in stereo phonographs, tape recorders and AM-FM stereo receivers. Each power amplifier is biased from a common internal regulator to provide high power supply rejection, and output Q point centering. The LM1877 is internally compensated for all gains greater than 10.


  • 2W/Channel
  • −65 dB Ripple Rejection, Output Referred
  • −65 dB Channel Separation, Output Referred
  • Wide Supply Range, 6V–24V
  • Very Low Cross-Over Distortion
  • Low Audio Band Noise
  • AC Short Circuit Protected
  • Internal Thermal Shutdown

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Part number 立即下单 Audio input type Architecture Speaker channels (Max) Power stage supply (Min) (V) Power stage supply (Max) (V) Output power (W) Load (Min) (ohms) THD + N @ 1 kHz (%) Iq (Typ) (mA) Control interface Closed/open loop Analog supply (Min) (V) Analog supply (Max) (V) PSRR (dB) Operating temperature range (C) Rating
LM1877 立即下单 Analog Input     Class-AB     Stereo     6     24     11     4     0.055     12.5     Hardware     Open     6     24     65     0 to 70     Catalog