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LM135 (正在供货)

模拟输出温度传感器,军用级,采用气密性 TO 封装

模拟输出温度传感器,军用级,采用气密性 TO 封装 - LM135


The LM135 series are precision, easily-calibrated, integrated circuit temperature sensors. Operating as a 2-terminal zener, the LM135 has a breakdown voltage directly proportional to absolute temperature at 10 mV/°K. With less than 1-Ω dynamic impedance, the device operates over a current range of 400 µA to 5 mA with virtually no change in performance. When calibrated at 25°C, the LM135 has typically less than 1°C error over a 100°C temperature range. Unlike other sensors, the LM135 has a linear output.

Applications for the LM135 include almost any type of temperature sensing over a –55°C to 150°C temperature range. The low impedance and linear output make interfacing to readout or control circuitry are especially easy.

The LM135 operates over a –55°C to 150°C temperature range while the LM235 operates over a –40°C to 125°C temperature range. The LM335 operates from –40°C to 100°C. The LMx35 devices are available packaged in hermetic TO transistor packages while the LM335 is also available in plastic


  • Directly Calibrated to the Kelvin Temperature
  • 1°C Initial Accuracy Available
  • Operates from 400 µA to 5 mA
  • Less than 1-Ω Dynamic Impedance
  • Easily Calibrated
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • 200°C Overrange
  • Low Cost


参数 与其它产品相比 模拟温度传感器

Local sensor accuracy (Max) (+/- C)
Operating temperature range (C)
Supply Voltage (Min) (V)
Supply Voltage (Max) (V)
Supply Current (Max) (uA)
Sensor Gain (mV/Deg C)
Output impedance (ohms)
LM135 LM135A LM235 LM335 LM35 TMP235
3     1     3     6     0.5     1    
-55 to 150     -55 to 150     -40 to 125     -40 to 100     -40 to 110
-55 to 150
0 to 100
0 to 70    
-40 to 150    
5     5     5     5     4     2.3    
3.01     2.99     3.01     3.04     30     5.5    
400     400     400     400     114     12    
10     10     10     10     10     10    
Catalog     Catalog     Catalog     Catalog     Catalog     Catalog    
        UL Recognized     Industry standard pinout    
0.5     0.5     0.5     0.6     0.4     20    
Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output