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ISO776x 高速、优异 EMC 六通道数字隔离器


模型 (1)

标题 种类 类型 日期
ISO7762 IBIS Model IBIS Model ZIP 2017年 12月 29日

设计套件与评估板 (2)

培训内容 型号 类型
EMC 性能优异的 ISO7762DBQ 高速六通道数字隔离器评估模块 ISO7762DBQEVM 评估模块和开发板
具有优异 EMC 性能的 ISO7762DW 高速六通道数字隔离器评估模块 ISO7762DWEVM 评估模块和开发板



This reference design is a simplified architecture for generating an isolated power supply for isolated amplifiers for measuring isolated voltages and currents. A fully integrated DC/DC converter with reinforced isolation operating from a 5-V input with configurable 5-V or 5.4-V output (headroom for (...)