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3.6V 数据线路浪涌和 30kV ESD 保护二极管矩阵


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ESDS312 S-Parameter Model S-Parameter Model ZIP 2018年 9月 11日

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通用 ESD 评估模块 ESDEVM 评估模块和开发板



This reference design provides a cost-optimized solution for 10 to 100Mbps using the low-power Ethernet physical layer (PHY) DP83825 supporting 150m reach over CAT5e cable which is beyond the standard Ethernet distance limitation of 100 m (328 feet). Also, demonstrating power delivery over Ethernet (...)


开发工具 (1)

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基于 SPICE 的模拟仿真程序 TINA-TI 电路设计和仿真