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DS26LS32C (限期购买)


四路差动线路接收器 - DS26LS32C


The DS26LS32 and DS26LS32A are quad differential line receivers designed to meet the RS-422, RS-423 and Federal Standards 1020 and 1030 for balanced and unbalanced digital data transmission.

The DS26LS32 and DS26LS32A have an input sensitivity of 200 mV over the input voltage range of ±7V and the DS26LS33 has an input sensitivity of 500 mV over the input voltage range of ±15V.

The DS26LS32A differs in function from the popular DS26LS32 and DS26LS33 in that input pull-up and pull-down resistors are included which prevent output oscillation on unused channels.

Each version provides an enable and disable function common to all four receivers and features TRI-STATE outputs with 8 mA sink capability. Constructed using low power Schottky processing, these devices are available over the full military and commercial operating temperature ranges.


  • High Differential or Common-Mode Input Voltage Ranges of ±7V on the DS26LS32 and DS26LS32A and ±15V on the DS26LS33
  • ±0.2V Sensitivity Over the Input Voltage Range on the DS26LS32 and DS26LS32A, ±0.5V Sensitivity on the DS26LS33
  • DS26LS32 and DS26LS32A Meet All Requirements of RS-422 and RS-423
  • 6k Minimum Input Impedance
  • 100 mV Input Hysteresis on the DS26LS32 and DS26LS32A, 200 mV on the DS26LS33
  • Operation From a Single 5V Supply
  • TRI-STATE Outputs, with Choice of Complementary Output Enables for Receiving Directly onto a Data Bus

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