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DLP® 显示控制器

DLP® 显示控制器 - DLPC4422


DLPC4422 is a digital display controller for the DLP 4K UHD display chipset. The DLPC4422 display controller, together with the DLP660TE DMD and DLPA100 power management and motor driver device, comprise the chipset. This solution is a great fit for display systems that require high resolution, high brightness and system simplicity. To ensure reliable operation, the DLPC4422 display controller must always be used with the DLP660TE DMD and the DLPA100 power management and motor driver device.


  • Provides Two 30-bit Input Pixel Interfaces or One 60-bit Input Pixel Interface:
    • YUV, YCrCb, or RGB Data Format
    • 8, 9 or 10 Bits per Color
    • Pixel Clock Support Up to 175 MHz for 30-bit and 160 MHz for 60-bit
  • Supports 24-30 Hz and 47-120 Hz Frame Rates
  • Full Single DLP Controller Support For DMD™s Up to 1920 Pixels Wide
  • Dual DLP Controller Support For Up to 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Resolution Display Using DLP660TE TRP DMD
  • High-Speed, Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) DMD Interface
  • 150 MHz ARM946™ Microprocessor
  • Microprocessor Peripherals
    • Programmable Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and Capture Timers
    • Three I2C Ports, Three UART Ports and Three SSP Ports
    • One USB 1.1 Slave Port
  • Image Processing
    • Multiple Image Processing Algorithms
    • Frame Rate Conversion
    • Color Coordinate Adjustment
    • Programmable Color Space Conversion
    • Programmable Degamma and Splash
    • Integrated Support for 3-D Display
  • On-Screen Display (OSD)
  • Integrated Clock Generation Circuitry
    • Operates on a Single 20 MHz Crystal
    • Integrated Spread Spectrum Clocking
  • External Memory Support
    • Parallel Flash for Microprocessor and PWM Sequence
    • Optional SRAM
  • 516 Pin Plastic Ball Grid Array Package
  • Supports Lamp, LED, and Laser Hybrid Illumination Systems

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Part number 立即下单 Component type Chipset family Input frame rate (Max) (Hz) Input pixel clock (Max) (MHz) Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Video ports
DLPC4422 立即下单 Controller     DLP480RE, DLP470NE, DLP470TE, DLP550JE, DLP650NE, DLP650LE, DLP660TE     120     300     516BGA: 729 mm2: 27 x 27 (BGA | 516)     2