BQ25703A (正在供货) 具有系统功率监测器和处理器的 NVDC I2C 电池降压/升压充电控制器


设计套件与评估板 (1)

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bq25703A I2C NVDC 降压/升压充电器评估模块 BQ25703AEVM-732 评估模块和开发板


双端口 USB Type-C™ 电力输送 (PD) 移动电源参考设计

USB Type-C™ is a small form factor receptacle, plug, and cable standard. The standard offers flippable connectors and a reversible cable for a user-friendly experience. The Type-C™ connector is compatible with existing USB protocols and expected to replace many Type-A and Type-B (...)


软件 (1)

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Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) 软件套件 BQSTUDIO 应用软件与框架