BQ21061 500-mA 1-cell linear charger with 10-nA IQ, power-path, regulated system voltage, 16-bit ADC and LD | 德州仪器

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500-mA 1-cell linear charger with 10-nA IQ, power-path, regulated system voltage, 16-bit ADC and LD



The BQ21061 is a highly integrated battery charge management IC that integrates the most common functions for wearable, portable and small medical devices, namely a charger, a regulated output voltage rail for system power, a LDO, and push-button controller.

The BQ21061 IC integrates a linear charger with PowerPath that enables quick and accurate charging for small batteries while providing a regulated voltage to the system. The regulated system voltage (PMID) output may be configured through I2C based on the recommended operating condition of downstream IC’s and system loads for optimal system operation.


  • Linear battery charger with 1.25-mA to 500-mA fast charge current range
    • 0.5% Accurate I2C programmable battery regulation voltage ranging from 3.6 V to 4.6 V in 10-mV steps
    • Configurable termination current supporting down to 0.5 mA
    • 20-V Tolerant input with typical 3.4-V to 5.5-V input voltage operating range
    • Programmable thermal charging profile, fully configurable hot, warm, cool and cold thresholds
  • Power Path management for powering system and charging battery
    • I2C Programmable regulated system voltage (PMID) ranging from 4.4V to 4.9V in addition to battery voltage tracking and Input pass-though options
    • Dynamic power path management optimizes charging from weak adapters
    • Advanced I2C control allows host to disconnect the battery or adapter as needed
  • I2C Configurable load switch or up to 150-mA LDO output
    • Programmable range from 0.6 V to 3.7 V in 100-mV steps
  • Ultra low Iddq for extended battery life
    • 10-nA Ship mode battery Iq
    • 400-nA Iq While powering the system (PMID and VDD on)
  • One push-button wake-up and reset input with adjustable timers
    • Supports system power cycle and HW reset
  • 20-Pin 2-mm x 1.6-mm CSP package
  • 11-mm2 Total solution size

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0.5     5.5     20     3.6     4.6     Integrated LDO, Power Path, JEITA, BAT Temp Monitoring (Thermistor Pin), Temp Monitoring (Thermistor Pin), Integrated ADC     I2C     Linear     Catalog     -40 to 85     DSBGA | 20     20DSBGA: 4 mm2: 2.2 x 1.8 (DSBGA | 20)