Power Management

DC/DC switching regulators

Industry-leading ICs for any application.

Across all topologies – buckboostbuck/boost, inverting, or split-rail and power modules – TI helps you innovate and differentiate your power design with industry-leading DC/DC converters, controllers and charge pumps. TI's unparalleled suite of design tools, along with expert technical support, make high-performance DC/DC power supply design easier than ever before.

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For almost any given input voltage and output current, TI has a DC/DC regulator to meet your design requirements. And for most conversions, TI offers a choice of regulator types, from flexible DC/DC controllers all the way to highly-integrated DC/DC power modules.

design integration and flexibility

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TI features several families of DC/DC switching regulators that are specifically tailored to address critical design requirements of your application, such as wide input voltage, low input voltage, ease of use, high power density, and digital power. Click below to explore converters, controllers, and charge pumps designed to meet these unique system demands.

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TI DC/DC solutions can support any design need for any application. Select from the largest family of low, mid and wide input voltage DC/DC converters and controllers across multiple topologies.