ZigBee 工具与软件

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Kits & Evaluation Modules

Wireless Connectivity kits and evaluation modules consist of an array of boards ranging from demo and application-specific hardware to full-feature development kits for hardware performance testing and software development.

SimpleLink CC2650 Multi-Standard SensorTag Kit

The new SensorTag IoT kit invites you to realize your cloud-connected product idea. The new SensorTag now includes 10 low-power MEMS sensors in a tiny red package. And it is expandable with DevPacks to make it easy to add your own sensors or actuators. The new SensorTag is based on the CC2650 wireless MCU, offering development on ZigBee and other wireless standards.

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CC2530 Development Kit

The CC2530DK development kit supports TI's second generation 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant System-on-Chip, the CC2530, and contains all hardware, software, and tools necessary to build your 802.15.4-compliant product. The CC2530DK includes CC2530-based evaluation modules, development boards, a USB interface dongle, cables, antennas and documentation to get you up and running with the CC2530 fast.

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CC2531 USB Evaluation Module

The CC2531EMK kit provides one CC2531 USB Dongle and documentation to support a PC interface to 802.15.4 / ZigBee applications. The dongle can be plugged directly into your PC and can be used as an IEEE 802.15.4 packet sniffer or for other purposes. With the CC2531 USB Firmware Library available on the web you can develop your own software to utilize this part.

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CC2538 Development Kit

The CC2538 development kit provides a complete hardware performance test platform and generic software development environment for the ARM Cortex M3-based, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant CC2538 system-on-chip from Texas Instruments. The kit includes two CC2538 RF evaluation modules (CC2538EM), two general purpose development boards (SmartRF06EB) for software and hardware prototyping, one CC2531 USB dongle for packet sniffing, cables, and documentation to get you up and running with the CC2538 quickly and easily.

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CC2538 Evaluation Module

The CC2538 Evaluation Module Kit is an add-on kit for the CC2538DK and it contains two CC2538 evaluation module boards. The CC2538 evaluation modules can be used as reference modules for hardware and software prototyping and for verifying the performance of the CC2538 RF IC.

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ZigBee Light Link Development Kit

The ZigBee® Light Link™ development kit, based on TI's CC2530 system-on-chip, contains everything needed to easily evaluate ZLL lighting control for LED light products and develop simple applications and demos based on this standard. The provided development software reduces development cost and time-to-market. The kit shows dynamic configuration of color, groups and scenes through the included remote control or smartphone or tablet through a gateway, making the design process easier for portable, consumer applications for the Internet of Things.

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Z-Stack™ 软件堆栈

Z-Stack™ 软件堆栈是符合德州仪器 ZigBee 标准的协议栈,适用于不断增长的 IEEE 802.15.4 产品和应用系列。Z-Stack™ 软件专为家庭自动化、照明和智能能源应用而设计。


CC2538 基础固件

CC2538 基础固件广泛集中了 CC2538 - 一种基于 ARM Cortex-M3 的符合 IEEE 802.15.4 标准的射频片上系统 - 的软件库。


IEEE802.15.4 媒体接入控制 (MAC) 软件堆栈

TIMAC 是德州仪器 IEEE802.15.4 媒体接入控制 (MAC) 软件堆栈,适用于多种平台,有助于简化应用开发并使移植更方便。




SmartRF™ Studio

SmartRF™ Studio 是一种 Windows 应用程序,可用于评估和配置德州仪器 (TI) 的大多数无线连接器件。该应用程序将帮助射频系统的设计人员在设计过程的早期阶段轻松评估 RF-IC。它对生成配置寄存器值、实际测试射频系统和查找优化的外部组件值尤为有用。SmartRF Studio 可作为单独的应用程序使用,或与应用程序评估板一起随 RF-IC 开发套件提供。


SmartRF™ 闪存编辑器

SmartRF™ 闪存编程器可用于对大量 SimpleLink™ 无线网络解决方案器件的闪存进行编程,还可用于升级相关评估板和调试器(SmartRF 评估板、CC 调试器等)的固件和引导加载程序。SmartRF 闪存编程器还可通过 MSP-FET430UIF 和 eZ430 软件狗对 TI MSP430 器件的闪存进行编程。


用于 SimpleLink™ 解决方案的调试器和编程器

CC 调试器是一种用于 SimpleLink™ 无线网络解决方案的小型编程器和调试器。它可以与用于 8051(7.51A 或更高版本)的 IAR 嵌入式工作平台一起使用以进行调试,并可与 SmartRF 闪存编程器一起使用以进行闪存编程。CC 调试器还可用于控制 SmartRF Studio 中的所选器件。