Overview for SimpleLink CC1350 (BLE+Sub-1)

The SimpleLink dual-band CC1350 wireless microcontroller (MCU), a part of the SimpleLink MCU portfolio, enables the unique combination of Sub-1 GHz and Bluetooth® low energy on a single chip. This allows for over the air updates, smart commissioning, beaconing, remote display and proximity detection directly from your smartphone, while achieving long range and multi-year battery operation.

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Dual-band: Sub-1 GHz + Bluetooth low energy

Expand the functionality of your Sub-1 GHz network with Bluetooth low energy implementations

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Low range

Long range with ultra-low power

Up to 20 km for over 10 years on a coin cell battery

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Enhanced Integration

Enhanced integration

Move from a three chip solution to a tiny single chip with a full software stack

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Getting started with your design

Development kit

Development kit

SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz + Bluetooth Low Energy LaunchPad development kit

Sub-1 GHz videos