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Transfer video, audio, control, and power over one STP or coax cable in Infotainment applications

FPD-Link III for infotainment

World’s first SerDes chipset for 1080p automotive displays

The largest selection

The largest selection


The technology leader

The technology leader

First to support full 1080p/2K/3K HD Displays and on-chip HDCP keys.

Robust design

Robust design

Adaptive equalization to compensate for cable aging and temperature changes.

Broad portfolio of FPD-Link products for infotainment displays

Featured FPD-Link products for displays

Mix and match serializers and deserializers with different system interfaces. FPD-Link handles bus bridging translation automatically. Full interoperability and forwards and backwards compatibility across all FPD-Link2 and FPD-Link3 products allows flexible system design.

System Interface PCLK (MHz) Display Resolution Adaptive EQ Back-​channel Spread Spectrum White Balance/​Dithering I2S Audio HDCP Version Coax Serializer Deserializer
OpenLDI 25 - 170 1920 x 1080 DS90UB947
  25 - 210 2880 x 1080   DS90UH948A
  5 - 85 1280 x 720   DS90UB927
  5 - 65 1024 x 768             DS90UR907 DS90UR908
Parallel RGB 5 - 96 1920 x 720   DS90UB921 DS90UB922
  5 - 85 1280 x 720   DS90UB925
  5 - 65 1024 x 768         DS90UR905 DS90UR906
HDMI™ 25 - 170 1920 x 1080 DS90UB949
  25 - 210 2880 x 1080 DS90UH949A  
MIPI® CSI‑2 25 - 170 1920 x 1080   DS90UB940
  25 - 210 2880 x 1080   DS90UH940A

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Featured LVDS, MIPI DSI, DVI automotive qualified Display SerDes

Part number Display Resolution Input interface Output interface Pixel Clock Additional Resources
SN65DSI83-Q1 1366x768 60fps at 24bpp/18bp(WXGA) Single MIPI DSI V1.0 LVDS Single-Link LVDS Clock Output Range 50MHz to 154MHz Evaluation module
SN65DSI84-Q1 1920x1200 60fps at 24bpp/18bpp Single MIPI DSI V1.00 Dual Single-Link LVDS Dual-Link LVDS Clock Output Range 50MHz to 154MHz  
SN65DSI85-Q1 2560x1600 60fps, 1920x1080p 120fps at 24bpp /18bpp Dual MIPI DSI V1.00 Dual Single-Link LVDS Dual-Link LVDS Clock Output Range 50MHz to 154MHz Evaluation module
SN65DSI86-Q1 4k2k 60fps 18bpp Dual MIPI DSI V1.00 eDP V1.4 (1 to 4 lanes) eDP ver1.4 Output Operating up to 5.4Gbps Per Lane (HBR2)  
TFP401A-Q1 True-Color, 24-Bit/Pixel, 16.7M Colors at 1 or 2 Pixels per Clock DVI V1.0 RGB High clock and data jitter tolerance, High clock skew tolerance  
SN65LVDS93A-Q1 10MHz to 135MHz Pixel Clock Frequency Range LVTTL 28bit Quad LVDS Support Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC)  
DS90CR286A-Q1 Up to 1.848 Gbps Data Throughput Quad LVDS LVTTL 28bit Compatible with TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Standard Evaluation module

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