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CAN/LIN Overview

High-immunity, low-emissions, ESD-protected transceivers for harsh environments

3.3-Volt CAN transceivers

Industry-leading 3.3-V Vcc CAN transceivers are interoperable with 5-V mixed networks and offer a lower voltage and lower system cost alternative to 5-V transceivers

5-Volt CAN transceivers

Robust 5-V Vcc CAN transceivers with up to ±70V bus fault protection and up to ±30V of common mode voltage

Isolated CAN transceivers

2.5-kVrms and 5-kVrms galvanically-isolated CAN transceivers with signaling rates up to 1 Mbps and –27 V to 40 V bus fault protection

Automotive CAN transceivers

High-immunity and low-emissions AEC-Q100 CAN transceivers with support for CAN FD (flexible data rate)

Automotive LIN transceivers

High-immunity, low-emissions, AEC-Q100, single-wire robust communication transceivers for low-speed, short-distance automotive applications

System Basis Chip

Multi-function AEC-Q100 ICs integrating CAN and/or LIN transceivers with LDO regulators and additional features

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3.3-V CAN transceiver with small 3x3 mm package



LIN 2.1 physical interface with dominant state timeout


5-V CAN transceiver with 5-Mbps CAN FD support

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Reference designs

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your system.

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Online support

Ask questions, share knowledge and help solve problems with fellow engineers in TI’s E2E™ Community

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Blog posts

Read about a wide variety of CAN and LIN system design topics in TI’s blogs.

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Controller Area Network (CAN) is a robust multi master-master, differential signaling, serial communications bus specified by the ISO 11898 family of standards. TI’s industry-leading transceivers solve specialized networking requirements for various applications and power supply systems, providing solutions for 5 Volt and 3 Volt operation as well as CAN FD (Flexible Data rates) and up to ±70-V Bus Fault Protection; simplifying complex CAN bus networked systems. TI CAN transceivers also support higher layer protocols such as CANopen (EN 50325-4), DeviceNet, SAEJ1939, ISO11783, and many others. TI also has a wide offering of Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceivers which support standards such as ISO/DIS 17987, LIN 2.1, LIN 2.2A, Most ECL, SAEJ2602 and ISO9141 (K-Line) for both 12-V battery and 24-V battery systems. The devices are up to 100-kbps receive capable for node programming devices and include optional features LIN Dominant State Timeout and up to ±58-V Bus Fault Protection.